Sunday, January 4, 2009

A few things about myself and this blog.

My name is Usman. I am a software engineer by profession, currently employed with a company that develops software for engineers. By the way I consider myself among those lucky guys who are doing what they like. My interests include watching movies, watching football, hanging out with friends, playing computer games and Trekking.

I have created this blog with the intention that this will help me organize things. I shall be able to keep track of things that I am doing, want to do, succeeded in doing and failed to do. In addition to that this blog will help me plan my future better. I shall be able to look back at things and can tell why I took a particular decision. I might be posting technical details of things, I do at job or as a hobby as well so that I can refer to them in future. Last but not the least I want to improve my composition skills.

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