Monday, January 5, 2009

List of things I want to do

Given below is the list of things that I want to do. It would be simply great if on 31st December,2009 all of these task have been moved to list of task already completed. The tasks are yet to be assigned priority so currently I shall list them in random order. It is quite possible that two or more tasks may be combined into one task.

1) Understand Linux kernel
2) Write device driver for linux
3) Write a multi-threaded/Multiprocessor application and exp
4) Develop a Server application that serve thousands of clients
5) Revise Java. Learn the frameworks like Android, Hibernate, Spring, Tapestry etc
6) Learn atleast one scripting language. Can be either PHP or Ruby
7) Understand the workings of either OSCommerce or SubStruct
8) Learn the news additions to .net framework - WPF/WCF and how xaml works
9) Develop expertise in tools used for Debugging
10) There are topics in COM that I have not touched plus I have not used enough ATL

I might be criticized for being ill focused. Some might say that instead of developing my breadth its time to develop the depth in area I like. But my problem is that I like all of those :(.

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